zondag 21 februari 2010

Street Art Fan

Confirmed once again. I am a fan of street art.

This week I encountered the 'Little people in the city' from Slinkachu. This London based artist leaves little handpainted people "in the bustling city to fend for themselves, waiting to be discovered." Actually, I did not even meet one in person, but stumbled upon Slinkachu's latest book, in which the little people come alive via his photography. Charming, funny and sometimes even moving images.

Why street art?
I have been an admirer of art in public space for a long time. Why? Because it ads something to daily life, without being in your face. It usually offers an unexpected encounter, that makes me stop and smile or ponder. It takes me out of my daily routine and places what I was doing in a new perspective. I guess that's what I like about it.

zondag 14 februari 2010

Employees con Corazón

Just got back from 'our' Hotel con Corazón in Granada, Nicaragua yesterday. This was the first time visiting the hotel while in operation. I got moved to tears when I walked in three weeks ago and saw how beautiful the place has become. The last time I saw it was 2 years ago, when the building was no more than a ruin and the renovation just started.
Founders Marcel & Onno and everyone else who was part of the construction, once again, you did an exceptional job.

Having spent altogether more than a week in the hotel now, we also got to know the local personnel. You guys are a great team! Professional and fun to be around. Towards the guests and among each other. The hotel wouldn't be the same without you. Keep enjoying, so will our guests and the kids we support finishing their schools.